Butterfly With Broken Wings

Picture of a butterfly in flight, by Laura Ann Dunks


Peacock Butterfly, by Laura Ann Dunks


Butterfly With Broken Wings


Amelia Wright is a talented, teenage artist with a perfect life and big dreams, until she is plagued by mysterious symptoms at thirteen. Four years later, Amelia explains why she began to write the story of her life and how these strange symptoms became a chronic illness, which stole her strength, creativity, and identity.

In a fictional town, just north of London, England, Amelia shares the world through her eyes, from her passion for frantic gallops and jumping, to the first time she falls in love, and her desire to photograph and paint every beautiful scene, or perfect moment.

When things go from bad to worse, Amelia becomes terrified and confused while attempting to hide her symptoms and seek answers. This is compounded by a misdiagnosed eating disorder, which forces her to question her sanity and face those who are unsympathetic, including her older brother, Daniel. Amelia hopes that an accurate diagnosis will solve her problems, but matters are made worse when she is diagnosed with a chronic, neurological illness. Unfortunately, many people, including health-care professionals, believe that patients with this diagnosis are either mentally ill or malingering. She must now face disbelief and stigmatisation and resist those who offer quick-fix solutions to help her forget and have a good time.

Amelia reveals her fight for survival and everything important to her, including the boy she loves. How will she balance her life and health when most of all she wants to be a normal teenager? Amelia will learn the hard way that she can no longer have everything she desires. Something has to give. How will she cope? Learn how this compassionate teenager becomes a butterfly with broken wings.


This novel is currently being revised.

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