Writing Update

I have been a busy bee these past few days. During two workshops, I wrote my synopsis and query letter for Butterfly With Broken Wings, despite it being still in the revision stage. I want to say a huge thank you to fellow Savvy Authors members Susan Dennard and Katharina Gerlach (amongst others) who helped with my synopsis during the workshop and to Susan who helped with my query during the second workshop.

The second draft is coming along fantastically. I am forever making little changes as I learn something new.

Savvy Authors

This is the point where I post about the awesomeness which is Savvy Authors. This is a new site, which I joined when it first opened in February. They have a fantastic group of writers who are helping each other out on an active forum and participating in many other useful resources. It has a $30 a year subscription fee, which is nothing when I consider how much I have learnt.

I am incredibly impressed with the numerous workshops I have taken on there so far and would highly recommend them. Some of them were free as part of the introductory boot camp and others I have paid up to $25 for as a member. The workshops I have taken have lasted anything from one day to one month.
I am currently taking part in a workshop on critiquing, so at the end I will hopefully be much better at it and can join a critique group. Savvy Authors intends to form its own critique group for those who successfully pass this workshop.

Competition Awesomeness

I have a couple of thanks to give regarding some competitions I won recently, which I entered during Blog Jog day.

First of all, I want to thank Cynde Hammond who awarded me with a fantastic $20 Amazon voucher which I can’t wait to spend on some excellent new YA books I have discovered. She even made a pretty picture of my name with flashing stars and other pretty things around it when she drew me as the winner. I have also found Cynde is a disabled writer like me, who is mostly bedbound, again like me, has overcome a lot of adversity and pain and still manages to write. She is a lovely, courageous person, who also has an amazing blog, so you should go check her out!

I would also like to thank A.F. Hardt link who awarded me a hardcopy book of novel A Toast to Murder, by Michele Scott. I am quite excited about reading this, given I haven’t read a murder mystery in a while!

Finally I would like to thank Christopher Hoare, who awarded me an E-Book copy of The Wildcat's Burden the latest release in his Iskander series. On finding out that I had yet to read the earlier books, he also kindly sent me his first book in the series, Arrival. I was very excited to find out that this science fiction/alternative world series is based on an area of Devon, England, which I know very well. I studied my first two years of my medical degree in nearby Exeter.

Thank you for dropping by and to everyone who has commented or subscribed recently. I have met some wonderful new people. I have also found some more competitions, which I will be posting soon so you can enter!