May 9th - Blog Jog day

This is a brand new event happening right now! There are nearly 150 blogs taking part in this event. The idea is that you visit one blog, find out what the blog has to offer -- many even have free gifts for this event! -- and then jog on to the next one via the link. Or visit the links page where all the blogs are listed here.

The links will be available all day Sunday and Monday.  This is an opportunity for you to learn about what people in the literary industry have to offer, including fellow authors, who you otherwise would not have known about.

Happy jogging!

May 15th is Promo Day!

A free, online conference for authors, publishers, and others involved in the industry to promote what they do and their work. There are free online workshops and E-book handouts and opportunities to buy other items. Readers are also welcome to learn more about the authors. In fact anyone with an interest in books and reading is invited. Publishers will post their guidelines and be available to answer questions from authors.

The event takes place in CET time, but there is a timezone converter available on the website so you don't get confused.

You can find more about the event on their website or blog.