A quick update for everyone: I have been so busy and haven’t had a chance lately. First of all, I handed in my second university assignment for my creative writing, which was a short story like the first assignment. I got distinctions (above 85%) in both, which makes me very happy. I am now working on the poetry assignment, which is due in in a couple of weeks. I also officially start my university Spanish course in a couple of days.

I am working on draft three of Butterfly with Broken Wings with my crit partner for a Savvy Authors Editpalooza workshop. The workshop has been well worth the money and the effort. My crit partner and editor have given me some really good advice. I have also been informed that my novel is young adult literary fiction due to the character centred plot. So I have been reading some very good YA literary fiction. I am currently enjoying Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak.

Hope everyone is plodding along okay. Take care.