First of all, I managed to finish my year two creative writing course with the Open University, which I managed to get a distinction (a 1st) in. I am delighted with this result, and I will begin year three of the course in October.

I am 60000 words into draft three of Butterfly with Broken Wings and am still very much enjoying the process. I am also turning over ideas for a young-adult dystopian series, which I plan to write next.

Also despite a few blips, my health seems to be going forward more than backwards, which is amazing!

Sadly on April 8th my baby sister Natalie died in hospital aged twenty-one. She had been there six weeks battling Glandular Fever with no immune system, partly due to the immune-suppressants she was taking for her Crohn’s Disease. I am happy to say that I managed to spend a lot of time with her during those last few weeks and I am grateful for this.


 Rest in peace my butterfly.  I will always love you.