Aphrodite's Dream

Picture of Aphrodite, public domain, photographer unknown.


Aphrodite's Dream

The Write About What? competition, run by A History of Romance, involved writing up to 2000 words about a woman who meets the man she will always love. It was also necessary to include the following words:

fried – handle – tube – dog – scream – chocolate – ban – ineptitude – run – chipmunk

Aphrodite's Dream, which placed second in the competition, can be read on the A History of Romance website for FREE: click here

Leah Harvard is a twenty-two-year-old, art student, who works as an artist's model to pay her way through university. She has a traditional attitude towards love and dating, until she meets her fantasy man, a handsome artist, while posing naked as Aphrodite.

Some R-rated scenes present.



Posing naked as Aphrodite, Leah Harvard stood on a dais with her back to a room full of artists. She glanced over her right shoulder, admiring her reflection in the imaginary water below. She glimpsed a late-comer enter the room, set up his easel, and light a fire within her belly. When Leah’s best friends asked her to describe her fantasy male lover during last night’s tequila fuelled declarations, she had never expected her confession to come true. Now she was under the seductive scrutiny of a pair of auburn eyes, which quite literally belonged to the man of her dreams.

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